Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eeyore moments

Blognonymous is leaving us. He’s giving it up.

It will be a melancholy moment removing his link from the blog list to your right.

But I understand why he’s doing it.

You write practically every day for a year or two and it wears you down a bit. Especially if you’re Blognonymous, always writing about the Really Important Stuff like the economy or Iraq or [insert your favorite governmental cock-up here].

Of course life isn’t all sunshine and honey pots.

But why is it part of the human condition to focus on the negative? Why is it easier to write about everything that’s wrong with our world?

And why, even when things are going exceptionally well, do we seem to anticipate losing it all in some fiery explosion of underpants and embarrassment?
Confession #1: A very small part of me was actually relieved at being let go last month.


Yep. Picture my tiniest toe yelping “Whew! So GLAD that FINALLY happened!”

Because – and this is twisted – I was overdue for something bad to happen.
Most of the time I try to be like Pooh: Wandering through life, eating a little more than I should, visiting friends and having adventures. Pooh-like people tend to be happier although we are more than occasionally clueless when it comes to serious matters such as warding off heffalumps or getting caught in rabbit holes.

Eeyore people always anticipate the worst. They actually believe that nothing good will ever ever happen again. Ever. And on that rare occasion went something actually goes their way, Eeyore types invariably find the One Thing Wrong With It and focus on that until every last bit of joy is sucked out of the occasion.
Confession #2: In spite of the fact that things seem to be going exceptionally well at my new job, I am anxious. There are small, weak moments when my tiny toe feels like a big fat fraud and is screaming WHY THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE TRUST ME WITH ALL THIS REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF?
The thing is, I do believe the world treats you how you expect to be treated. If you’re always anticipating the worst, it colors your view of everything – including the good stuff.
So we’re Poohs with occasional Eeyore moments. Or we’re Eeyores through and through.

Which one are you?
I am listening to: Sia – Breathe Me
I am reading: Nothing
And I’m: Just a little black rain cloud


Dave said...

I've gone this far in life and I've never read Winnie the Pooh.

But, from your description, I'm a combination of characters. Pooh personally and Eeyore professional, with a bit every now and again personally.

Dave said...

Oh, I think I've felt like a heffalump now and again, whatever a heffalump is.


You're starting to sound as if you've spent too much time in my sons nursery...
QUICK, bouncie yourself back to the TIGGER syndrome..! :)
cute post..
I've always been a big fan of the Owl and Piglet.

msmoo1 said...

I would like to think that I am Pooh....or maybe I am just full of it.


phatdoggy said...

I feel like poo because I keep tripping over my Tigger-tail, or whatever you want to call it. ;-)

MsMoo is definitely a Pooh. I think I'm a Pooh, but I can have me Eeyore moments too.

Posolxstvo said...

I am not an Eeyore. Although I do suffer from imposters syndrome on occasion, it is becoming less and less frequent. So who am I?

My friends would probably say I'm like the bastard child of Owl and Tigger. Without the energy.

Like Owl, I tend to think verrrry deeply about matters of great importance. To me. Not to anyone else. In other words, I am a pseudointellectual. The worst kind of intellectual.

But like Tigger, there are times when everyone is sitting around looking at Eeyore's broken house, or something equally serious and grave, and all I want to do is make jokes. Because in reality, it isn't that big of a deal.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!