Monday, June 02, 2008

For the love of money

Ever get that feeling like your head is just going to explode all over the couch?

That's how it felt this morning after reading this asinine story from the New York Times: "It's Not So Easy Being Less Rich."

Yes, folks, in case you were concerned: "The economy is an issue even for people who don’t need the money.”

Their spouses could leave them when they discover that their net worth has collapsed to eight figures from nine. Friends and business associates could avoid them as they pass their lunchtime tables at Barney’s or the Four Seasons. And these snubs could trickle down to their children.

“They fear their kids won’t get invited to the right birthday parties,” said Michele Kleier, an Upper East Side-based real estate broker. “If they have to give up things that are invisible, they’re O.K. as long as they don’t have give up things visible to the outside world.”

Oh the humanity. Really.

I think this was the part when my head started feeling all kersplody:

Wives from Greenwich and Scarsdale are selling 2-carat to 35-carat single-stone diamond rings. One recent client explained that she was selling $2 million in diamonds she rarely wore, because her friends wouldn’t notice that they were gone. She said, ‘If I sold my Bentley or my important art, they would notice.'

Did you catch that people? This poor woman was forced to choose between selling her big bag of bling or her Bentley.

It's like Sophie's Choice. I could just cry.

Of course I know there's this other world of uber-wealthy fancy-pants folks out there relaxing in their Rolexes -- I grew up watching The Beverly Hillbillies so I've got a pretty good idea how they live.

But is right now really the right time to remind the rest of us how much the rich are suffering -- gainin' weight and goin' brunette -- because they can't afford their personal trainers and hair-doers?
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the dilf said...

Hedy..Hedy...I believe you missed the whole point. This article isn't about money. It's about WOMEN...and how they Can't be Pleased!...and how shallow they are...and aloof...and it's never enough..they have to have MORE...MORE I SAY!

Did you hear 1 Man in this article whining?

Anonymous said...

Every time I complain about the ‘wealthy’ I get the old - "That’s class warfare!"

One third of this generation’s wealth was earned. These people can preach all they want.

Two thirds of this generation’s wealth was passed down from family. These are the self righteous people who preach hard work and responsibility.

I tell these beneficiaries of ‘hand me down wealth’ to shut the fuck up and quit preaching to those of us who do all the fucking work!!

Folks, it is time for a little class warfare! Let’s not be afraid to we fight for our piece of the American pie!!


Hedy said...

Dilf...Dilf...It seems as if it was (and I’m assuming on this) mostly the husbands whining about their shallow spouses leaving them if their net worth sank to - what was it - eight figures? What is that? Like a bazillion dollars? I wouldn't know. But I do believe that if your husband or wife leaves you because you’re not making enough money it’s a blessing. Good riddance to those greedy spouses. Let them drive away crying in their Bentleys, then find someone who appreciates a cheeseburger and a cold beer and a long drive out on the farm roads on a hot summer night.

Hedy said...

Gromit...Gromit...It's Monday, so you were all sighs and sad looks as the alarm went off this morning and Jim rushed off to work. Now I'm watching you basking in the sun out on the deck. Revolutionary. My unemployed ass.

Anonymous said...

I was speaking FOR Jim... bless his working ass.
And besides... what kind of a job am I gonna get? I can't type, I have no education and my references suck.
And besides, do you know why you are unemployed? Because some nepotistic editor somewhere gave your writing job to his sad sack nephew who wouldn't know the difference between Bob Woodward and Woody Woodpecker!
Don't shoot the messenger Hedy!
Fight the Power!



I Couldn't agree with you more.
To follow your post which is sickening as there is nothing that drives me more bonkers then materialism-well that and hypocrisy- but the point is in speaking with a rather showy wealthy relative she was expressing concern over a group of women that her and her husband pal around with. They're all attny's at the least and the women all sit at home with their live in nannies...and were complaining that their personal trainer cx'lled on them because of the distance they'd have to drive and the cost of gas..stupid bitches..GET OFF YOUR ASS and walk or run around your McMansion and try not to bitch about your personal trainer cxlling sessions on you.
There's a big difference in how money is advertised..I guess for some it's just more important to show the wealth versus give and respect their money with silent wealth.

Now that I'm off of my soapbox, thank you for your time.
Have a nice week! Hope your head stays on.


Susan said...

I feel so sorry for them and their materialistic, shallow lives, that I am sitting here crying.

i'm lying