Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sexy garden

"Your clitoris is really blooming nicely," says Judy yesterday.

"You mean the chlamydia? Yeah, it's gorgeous, isn't it?" says me.

Explanation: Jim can't remember the name of the purple clematis out back, so he's been calling it 'chlamydia' for years.

Now all our friends and neighbors do it, too.
I am listening to: Meet the Press without Tim Russert (sad)
I am reading: Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott
And I am: Looking forward to another great day


Moe Wanchuk said...

A purple clematis?????? Jeeez Jim....take it easy on that thing!

the dilf said...

Actually, I think I got Clematis in college once (or twice). Thank God for "Rid." Total Lifesaver!

Susan said...

During my fabulous marriage - he bought me a rosebush for a mother's day gift from the children - the name of the rose - "Golden Showers"....I told him only in his dreams.

there would have been screams

Anonymous said...

Some other plants Jim has trouble remembering…

Real Name - Tithonia
Jim’s Name – Nice Tits On Ya Flower

Real Name - Fockea
Jim’s Name – The Fuck Ya Tree

Real Name - Backhousia
Jim’s Name - I’d Back Hose Ya

Real Name - Azolla
Jim’s Name – The Ass Hole Fern

Real Name - Pinus
Jim’s Name – The Penis Tree

Real Name - Virgilia
Jim’s Name - The Puss Bush

Real Name - Bloomeria
Jim’s Name - The Blow Me Till I Shit Plant

I love our yard...

Posolxstvo I said...

Perhaps the whole Garden should get a cool, groovy, hip name -- something like the G-Spot!

Makes me want to dance.