Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Greetings from the Land of Dave

I'm in Atlanta this week, home of Dave from Rather Than Working.

Atlanta? Yep.

It's a long story involving an official HedyBlog Job Search Update (cue ominous music: dun, dun, DUN!) that I'm not ready to write yet, but let's just say I'm here for a cool reason with cool people doing cool things.

Cool is great right now, because it's fucking hot here. To our friend, Dave, I suppose this is as clever as saying water is wet but it had to be said.

I've never been to Atlanta officially - drove through once on a trip with DewMama to Florida - but that's it. So I have that 'excited to be in a new place' feeling again.

Which is cool. More soon.
I am listening to: Air conditioner in my room
I am reading: Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott (Fabulous non-fiction book about a famous brothel in Chicago)
And I am: Smiley


Susan said...




I am hoping you can talk about it this weekend. If not, I might have to get you liquored's a truth serum you know!!

words will flow

Posolxstvo said...

Go find that greasy spoon on Peachtree, look for the "golfing lawyer with a penchant for blogging" type without the beard and tell him "Hi" for us.

Dave said...

Hedy, Hedy,

It is relatively mild today. High maybe 90, humidity is almost non-existant as compared the last days of hell, and it's only going to be mid-eighties for the rest of your stay. I saw lighting and heard thunder not an hour ago, alas, no rain.

As to Susan and Pos, I'm thinking I'll know what's going on before you do. And, I don't do greasy spoons other than the Pot 'n Pan on Piedmont or any givn Waffle House, depending on my mood, or on the rare occassion a Krystal. Never The Varsity. There are limits.

Posolxstvo said...

I was thinking of the Pot N Pan (you've mentioned it before) but I have memory issues.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Yo Hed.....if you run into dave, could you tell him that I'm "cool?"......Please?