Friday, August 29, 2008

But wait

And this one's entirely unintentional from Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist, on

"In choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, he is not thinking 'outside the box,' as some have said."

Yep. Outside. The. Box.

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I have to disagree with her statement: McCain was thinking outside of the box (Unless of course she was really trying for the pun) by bringing on what he assumes is a matching minority making history vp. Not only is she considered young by veeps standards, but also "happily" married, with young children. Have I mentioned that her youngest has down syndrome which means,..wait for it..she's prolife..
This election will be close because of his move-McCain..he's trying to take all the H.Clinton "I wANNA WOMAN IN OFFICE" followers over to his side..

I'm not changing my mind, but I think he just made the race a bit more interesting..

and not a landslide.

it'll be an interesting one that's for sure. But regardless, it's remarkable to think that we are witnessing history in the making!

Good Labor day to you!Please keep your thumbs in your pockets this weekend-


whoops, I thought it read PAULA versus PAUL!(hence the 'she' reference) All this female chatter with politics is affecting what I read.

naww, I just rushed through it--that's the truth.