Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 days

It’s three months and then some since Obama took office.

I haven’t read any of the myriad ‘How’s He Doing at 100 Days’ stories. Yet.

Because I’m trying to capture how it has felt having him in charge rather than reading about how I’m supposed to feel or think about it. And I wanted to see how much I could remember of what this new administration has done, rather than cheating and researching and regurgitating what everyone else is saying today.

So here goes.

Well, the flubs come to mind first thing. Isn’t that odd? I guess it’s just easier.

And there’ve been some Big Ass Flubs for sure: Not demanding more accountability earlier from the banks that received TARP funds. Cabinet appointees with tax issues. Appointees with ties to lobbyists.

Then there are the Small Ass Flubs like the Special Olympics comment on late night with Leno, the kingly bows and queenly hugs, and the terrorist photo op flyby over New York more recently.

As for the good things, tax cuts for 95% of Americans tops the list. The reversal on stem cell research funding. Preparing to shut down Gitmo. Eliminating the use of torture. Pushing through a stimulus package that, while deeply flawed, was entirely necessary. Allowing photos of the caskets of dead soldiers as they return home – a much-needed reminder that the ultimate price of war is not in dollars, but in the loss of brave loved ones. Allowing Cuban Americans to travel and send money back home more easily.

If the word ‘strategery’ captured the essence of the Bush administration, I’d have to say ‘transparency’ is the word for Obama and his crew.

They seem to be doing a lot and they’re telling people about it. Better still, they don't hide it or lie about it when they screw up. There appears to be a new measure of accountability and openness in Washington and it feels good.

Now I'm off to read what I should've said had I done my homework. We'll see how it measures up.
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