Thursday, April 23, 2009

That kind of day

I am currently stuck in my chair.

A button on my pants is caught in the plastic pattern on the back of my office chair and will not dislodge.

Option 1: Ask our creative director for help dislodging the button. Not a good choice because it would mean he'd have to touch my ass and we're not that close.

Option 2: Wiggle until button either a) dislodges or b) breaks off. A good option, if music were playing.

Option 3: Sit here and giggle madly until the office clears out and I can dislodge myself. Another good option, except there's no guarantee I can do this alone.

It's that kind of day. Please send help.
I am listening to: A very quiet office
I am reading: The Shack
And I am: Stranded


Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy -

Hopefully, by now, you have been released from your chair imprisonment.

If not, I am right down the street, ready, willing and able to come to your rescue!!

And, I would think with already having seen you sans bra in a t-shirt...ass touching would not matter too much!!

a chairs clutch


option 3 sounds fun to me.

how'd you get out to make good things friday?

Hedy said...

I wiggled and finally broke free. At one point both buttons on my ass pockets were lodged. Amazing.