Friday, April 17, 2009

Good things Friday

It's Good Things Friday, folks.

The day we head into the weekend celebrating all the good things in life while blithely ignoring all the crap. Yay!

Finally feeling back to my old self again after a month-long sinus infection that turned me into a zombie
Prescription Flonaise
Easter dinner on Saturday with Mr. & Mrs. You Know Who and their wonderful family
Jim's special crock pot noodly chicken dish - YUM
Re-connecting with wonderful people (Judy, Alison, Dennis, Mary)
The Good Guys Won - National Edition
The Good Guys Won - Local Edition (not the 'breaking news', the election results)
An excellent date with Jim Wednesday night
Lunch with my friend Susan at Brett's Kitchen
Crying over stories about generous people
Lunch with my friend Jim the IT Guy (twice!)
Hearing Mom laugh because I sang "RISE AND SHINE AND GIVE GOD YOUR GLORY GLORY" at the top of my lungs Thursday morning
Making plans for friends to visit from far away
Chatting with cab drivers from Somalia and Ghana
Two perfect 'toss' pillows from Crate & Barrel
The Tudors is back on again
Opening the sun roof
Meditation class in the office again
Susan Boyle
A boss who encourages his team to meditate for 20 minutes every day
Working in an office with a meditation room including a timer and wall fountain
Celebrating one year since leaving the office of The Turd & Crew for good
The book 'The Shack'
Discovering a small black purse marked $35 at Carson's was on sale for $13 at the register
Being hyper-productive at work: Crossing off major to-do's and finally getting my in box to less than five messages
A morning sun that is shining brighter today than any time in recent memory
Rowdy, happy people wearing Cubs garb and drinking beer and SoCo on the morning train
My class - Jim calls it 'charm school' - which is teaching me how to be a better human being
The flowering trees are finally starting to pop
My in-grown toe nails are finally healing
Dakota - the blue-eyed, sweater-wearing wiener dog at my chiropractor's office
Planning Jim & Mrs. You Know Who's 50th birthday trip in next year
I am listening to: U2 - With or Without You
I am reading: The Shack
And I am: Blithely ignoring all the crap


Dave said...

SoCo? According to Google Southern Comfort?