Monday, April 30, 2007

Perfect morning

“You rang?”

“I was calling to say I’d go with you guys but you already left,” I say.

“We’re sitting in the driveway.”

“I’ll be right down.”

And so Saturday began: Walkies on the river trail with my two favorite guys.
Bright green tufts of grass. Mounds of moss. Tiny clusters of purple and white flowers. Crocus.

And Gromit, peeing on all of it.
A woman runs by.

“Whew,” Jim whispers. “She has your old boobs.”
We talk about everything and nothing, as couples do.

We fantasize about simplifying our lives – selling everything and moving to the country. Or the city.

We talk about the things we need to do. The things we need to get.

“What about a Prius?” I ask.

“Do you really want to drive a car that sounds like an STD?” says Jim. “’Doctor, I think I have Prius. You might need to lance it.’”
Two weeks ago you had to squint to see the green on the trail. It looked like hope.

Now everything is bright and bursting -- exuberant green.

It looks like joy.
I am listening to: Blue October - Hate Me
I am reading: Neil
And I am: Relaxed


Ann Arbor said...

I think I had Prius in college...well, I sure had something...but Never Fear, RID is here. RID is a Life Savior!!!! My roommate and I had a gallon jug of it!....Kills Everything!