Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Editorial note

I will be at a trade show so posts will be sporadic throughout the week with patches of sunshine and varying degrees of stupidity.

In the mean time, here's a classic Denny Crane quote to ponder today: "It is better to want what you don't have than have what you don't want."

I say it's all a matter of perspective.

Of course he's right, though. He's Denny Crane.
I am listening to: Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason
I am reading: Wired Magazine
And I am: Anxious


molly gras said...

My thinking is that if you have what you don't want you can simply give it away.

Isn't that what ebay's premise is all about :)

Babis said...

that quote thing hurt my little brain.

Dave said...

I've never watched Boston Legal; and, now you are another recommender. Who's the most real? Kirk, Mr. Priceline or Denny?

Hedy said...

Right on, Molly. If I can use a 70's phrase here. Hey Babis - you're here real regular now, eh? How's the family? Dave: I would say all they're all real - real William Shatner. He pretty much plays himself in everything. As a lawyer, you have got to start watching Boston Legal. Get the previous seasons on DVD first.