Friday, November 09, 2007


Fabulous. It's my word. I use it for everything. Everything that's fabulous, of course.

My fabulous friend Susie knows this. And even though we talk just 2-3 times a year (excluding her annual summer visit), I think of her often and smile.

So it was fabulous coming home late last night after a long, hard day at work to a card from Susie with this keychain inside.
"Just wanted to let you know it's so good having a friend like you."
What a fabulous friend.
I am listening to: Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love
I am reading: Trade show cheat sheet
I am: You know it


phatdoggy said...

Well... it's probably easier to tote that keychain than wear the hat the woman at the Roundhouse was wearing this weekend. It was a black baseball hat with red LEDs that spelled BITCH. I wonder what kind of friend sent her that?

you know who... said...

Knowing you for years myself, I thought Susie's gift of the "Fabulous" Key Chain was a very clever way of capturing who you are, in the form of a simple and useful gift. Inspired, I immediately began searching for another key chain with one of your other favorite words. Shortly after beginning my search, my IT Dept terminated my internet connection. After a few follow up meetings this afternoon with IT and HR, I learned that multiple Google searches for variations of the word "FUCK" is apparently against our company policy (several policies as it turns out). My bad.

Hedy said...

Hey YKW: GREAT idea. Because I really need keychains with "Fabulous" and "Fuck" dangling next to each other. I'm sure Jim ("she put in a good effort") would agree. :)

the dilf said...

Hey YKW,

Does the phrase "Bat Wings" get you into trouble with the IT dep't?

Hedy said...

Oh Jeez. Not this debate again. The Dilf and I disagree on the definition of 'bat wings'. The Urban Dictionary agrees with me on this decidedly sordid subject, but apparently backwater Minnesotans do not.