Monday, November 19, 2007



It's a parallel universe where Celine Dion and Barry Manilow and that puppet dude from America's Got Talent are Superstars.

Everything is a caricature of real life - bigger and brighter and shinier. And that's just the boobs.

It's a city without a soul. A karmic black hole.

I'm no gambler. The handful of times I've been to a casino, I always left feeling like my soul had shrunk just a little.

The only up side to Vegas is that it makes you appreciate the real world a little more.
I am listening to: Sara Hickman - Mad World
I am reading: AfterMath, Inc. by Gil Reavill
And I am: Grateful to be home


Posolxstvo said...

What I remember from my one time in Vegas -- $4 prime rib.

That and the jousting show in the basement of the Excaliber. Of course, I was there with my wife and 2 year old kid, so I wasn't likely to pull a Nicolas Cage on anyone.