Sunday, November 11, 2007

Maybe I'm getting old

I was offended about five minutes ago.

With a choice between the inexplicable Amazing Race 12, loud and boring Sunday Night Football, or the overwrought and weepy Extreme Makeover, I switch to The Simpsons.

I'm not big into TV.

If it ain't Boston Legal or Dexter, it's pretty much a waste of time.

But I know Jim will be home soon and we'll be emptying the DVR of all the shows he missed in Greece, so I leave the TV on as background noise.
Plot summary: Milhouse's parents remarry and go on a cruise. They fall overboard. In what we can only assume was meant to be a parody of a Saving Private Ryan moment, two men dressed in uniforms from the cruise line (to melancholy music) come to the door and inform Milhouse his parents are believed dead.
Not funny.
I'm not easily offended, but c'mon. We're at war, people.

On Veteran's day, nonetheless.

I suppose it isn't enough that our military spouses and parents have endured the lies about WMDs and the shameless war profiteering. And for some - 3,860 families to be exact - the very real and unimaginable day when, without a soundtrack and certainly not a laugh track, they're notified by strangers in uniforms of their loved one's ultimate sacrifice.

Not funny. Not at all.
I am listening to: Dexter
I am reading: Real Simple magazine
And I am: Disgusted


Posolxstvo said...

The Simpsons are still on the air?

If it ain't football, I don't spend any time on it.

When friends tell me "You should check out [XYZ Show]. It is so up your alley." I rent DVDs to see. Or I DVR an episode or two.

So far, I have deep sixed The Riches, House and Pushing Daisies. I watch Lost only because it has become a bonding experience with two of my kids, but the show is pretty tiresome. And I have seen a single episode of Heroes and am withholding judgment.

But I haven't seen an episode of the Simpsons since... Oh God, it must be since around 1992 or so.


I agree with you 100%..
and that's not referring to the aging title. :)