Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A few things

Please don’t say ‘in regards to.’

It’s in regard to or regarding.

Regards is what you say at the end of a letter.
Furthermore, you’re not golfing. Or worse, going golfing.

You wouldn’t say I’m going baseballing. Or basketballing.

It’s playing golf, dammit.

Pay attention, folks. This shit’s important.
I had a hoagie for dinner last night.

I love that word.


Here in the Midwest we call ‘em subs. But people from New Jersey like to call long crusty-breaded sammiches hoagies.

Way more fun. Way more tasty. Don’t you agree?

A tiny caveat on the regard/regards/regarding thing. You can say ‘as regards’ something if you like.

But please don’t do it around me.
I am reading: An article called "Going Beyond God" from
I am listening to: Gromit chew his breakfast
And I am: Hoagie-riffic!


Anonymous said...

irregardless of what you and think, I'm golfing Sunday
I could care less if it's a real word or not.