Friday, May 26, 2006

Silly Friday

When did it become an accepted practice for holiday weekends to bleed over into the preceding Friday?

Every other week I have a full day of marketing status meetings with the various practice areas at my company.

Today was supposed to be no different.

Within 15 minutes of arriving in the office, people wanting to leave early for the holiday canceled more than half of them.

And I guarantee that after lunch this place will be a ghost town.
E-mailing last night:

Jim P: I tried setting my e-mail password to ‘penis.’ It said my password wasn't long enough.

Jeff: That's what you get for sitting naked in front of the computer with the web-cam

Heather: Try ‘Jeff’spenis.’ That might work. :)
I am listening to: Sales Pipeline Meeting (but not really)
I am reading: Steinberg/Sun-Times
And I am: Needing this weekend