Thursday, July 27, 2006

All cracked up

I guess this is a good thing: it’s gotten so bad that now I laugh uncontrollably when something doesn’t work right. It’s either an excellent coping mechanism or I am finally going completely bat-shit after all these years.

The wireless network here at home freaked out this morning. The garage door opener is giving me attitude.

And that painful back/rib thing I had earlier this year decided to return for no good reason.
So I’m face down at the chiropractor’s office an hour ago getting the Best Massage of My Life and listening to the Best of Phil Collins wafting through the office.

The best of Phil Collins? Yep.

It’s a much longer album than you’d think.
Actually, I know why the back/rib thing came back.

I resurrected the evil backpack for Boston – it was the only bag that would accommodate the Mac plus all of my miscellaneous girly travel items.

Lugging that thing around for a week did some pretty good damage according to my chiropractor, who (speaking of bat-shit) looks exactly like Hannibal Lecter but has the hands of a Minor Deity.
Confession: I’m glad this happened.

I’ve been carrying all these minor irritations and major disruptions around in my head for more than a month – it’s no wonder I’m cracking up physically and mentally.

I needed a not-so-subtle reminder from the Universe that this is the Year of Traveling Lightly.

Now if I could just get Phil Collins out of my head, I might not go bat-shit after all.
I am listening to: Phil Collins (c'mon sing it with me: Sussudio! Oh oh oh!)
I am reading: Client case study
And I am: Lighter and laughing