Thursday, July 20, 2006

Let us swear

“Hedy said the f-word.”

It’s a family joke that dates back to high school.

My brother and I got into a huge fight – who knows why. We thought no one was home at the time so the f-bombs were flying.

Later we found out my dad (who never swore in front of us) was there and heard the whole thing.

Laughing, my mom gave us a summary of the argument as conveyed later by dad: “Eric called her a fucking bitch and said fuck you. And then, well, Hedy said the f-word.”

It’s a giggly yet telling commentary on how I imagine all fathers feel about their little girls.
The fact is, I’ve been cursing like a truck driver since seventh grade.

I love it. It’s a part of who I am.

And it won’t kill me like smoking, drinking too much or taking drugs – bad habits I’ve never had or needed.
Speaking of bad swears: Bush said shit this week. And the whole thing stinks.

He knew that microphone was on – these guys don’t fart without some professional handler guiding them through the process. Bush knew exactly what he was doing and he knew the media would make a big deal of it.

It’s a sad, irritating pattern with this administration and with politics in general.

When faced with bad news of any sort – and we’ve had plenty of it lately – those in power create non-news events knowing the media will serve it up like a toasted crap sandwich.

Sadly, we gobble it up. Because when you’re starving for real news, the shit starts to taste pretty good.
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