Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What happens in Boston

So I’m outta town on business. There are four of us in Boston for this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

We’d been here all of 10 minutes on Monday (roughly one beer) when someone said it: “What happens in Boston stays in Boston."

Way back in 1993, I traveled to Orlando for my first software conference. I was rather shocked (Yes, me, shocked. Shaddup, I was young then.) at how differently my co-workers behaved “on the road.”

Now I try to stick to a routine: Socialize as expected, but make every effort to sneak out early before things get ugly and people get stupid.
C’mon, Heather. You’ve never, ever cut loose on the road?

Of course I have. I've got plenty of good stories. But I learned early on from the mistakes of others that what happens elsewhere rarely stays there.

So I drink a little, swear a little, even dance a little, but then I disappear so no one has any real stories.

And of course, the very best stories are the ones that no one can tell.
I am listening to: The Go-Go’s – Vacation
I am reading: 1776 (although not much since I’ve been here; not a lot of down-time)
And I am: Ready to be home