Monday, July 02, 2007


With Jim in Vegas for a long weekend, Gromit and I went for walkies.

Lots and lotsa walkies.

I know what you’re thinking.

Not another goddamn dog story, Hedy! We get it. Gromit is the smartest, cutest dog on the planet. We also get that you have what borders on an inappropriate relationship him. You need to stop.

Okay, but this story is related to walkies. Hang in there.
So Gromit (the smartest, cutest dog on the planet) and I are walking over one of the many bridges on the walkie trail, when I see this:

Interesting. Fuck White People.

First thought: YES! Fuck us! Because we’re white and we need it!

Then, it was: Hey, wait a minute…maybe this particular graffiti artist doesn’t necessarily like white people and wants us to get fucked in an entirely different, not-so-pleasant way.

But wait. That color is a rather cheery shade of red -- it doesn't exactly scream "I'm an angry, hateful graffiti artist."

Then I thought: Maybe this person is a white supremacist.

He or she wants to promote the fucking of white people so that we can increase our numbers and take over the planet. Or something.

Regardless, a bridge in the middle of the woods is an odd place to make your statement, don’t you agree?
I am listening to: Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
I am reading: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
And I am: White people


phatdoggy said...


Dave said...

I dunno. There was no closure in the story. What did Grommit think?

Gromit said...

I was deeply troubled by the implication that race should be the sole determinant as regards whom is on the receiving end of copulation. Given that the only action I've seen in the past year is with my blankie or the occasional sofa cushion, I am hoping to launch a campaign on the walkie trail; look for "Fuck Yellow Labs" soon.

Dave said...

Made me laugh. Thanks.

Daniel said...

This is the first time I've read the site, and I definitely plan on coming back soon. Thanks for the laugh!

Hedy said...

Thank you, Daniel, and welcome! :)