Thursday, July 19, 2007

Medium Coke

“I would get a tattoo,” says my good friend Kyra. “Only if I could change it to match outfits or seasons like I do with jewelry.”

We’d been drinking fruity frothy drinks served by Jim the Pool Boy and talking about things we’ve done or never would do while intoxicated.

That’s when we figured out how we’re all gonna get rich and retire early and have fruity froth drinks served by a pool boy every day instead of just special occasions like visits from childhood friends.

Semi-permanent tattoos.

Not temporary, like the kind you get at county fairs. And not permanent, like the ones you get when you’re very drunk.

Semi-permanent. They last three to six months, tops.

If you like it, you go back to your favorite tattoo artist and he re-inks you.

If you don’t like it, it fades and then you get a new one to match your outfit or the season or your mood. Or not.
This concept of in-between has always intrigued me.

It started while commuting to Schaumburg every day behind a particularly bad type of driver: People whose foot can only be on the gas pedal or the brake.

If they’re not speeding up, they’re slowing down.

No in between for these folks. No coasting.

Folks who don’t even consider that third option.

For us folks who understand the third option, those rare occasions when your foot can hover between the gas and the brake feel … so good.

Sometimes it’s best to do nothing for a few minutes.

To not choose this or that. Here or there. On or off.

It could be a Zen thing. Or not.
On the days when it’s not too hot, we leave the door open between the house and the screened porch.

And that’s usually where we find Gromit. He wanders out there by himself and camps in the cushions of the big ol’ comfy wicker couch.

It’s my favorite place, too.

Because it’s not quite inside. But it’s not quite outside, either.

It’s the porch. And it’s perfect.
Dimmer switches.

Love ‘em. One of the all-time greatest inventions.

Another excellent invention: Self-serve fountain drinks.

You go to Panda Express or Jimmy John’s or (ick) Subway and they let you pour your own soda.

So I make Medium Coke.

It’s half regular Coke and half Diet.

Medium Coke. For those of us who believe it doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to everything.

Got any in-between ideas to share? Or not?
I am listening to: Dave Matthews – The Space Between
I am reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
And I am: Coasting


fermicat said...

I like coasting. Coasting is good. I spent years doing it, or so it feels sometimes.

Other in between-ness?

My cat likes to stretch out half in the kitchen and half in the dining room.

I like to mix Mom's sweet tea with unsweet to make semi-sweet tea.

hard working man said...

people who go "Medium" are pretty much people who do everthing ..."Half-@ss." Just don't have quite enough guts! you
-only drink 1/2 your beer?
-only cook the burger, but not the fries?
-leave after the 7th inning to beat the traffic???
-quit after 9 holes?
-only look at the pictures???
-only want it "half way in?"

I sure hope not. Cuz if you are, you're missing out on the "cl*max" of excitement! Don't "short-change" yourself!

Hedy said...

Half ass, my ass.

-only drink 1/2 your beer? Don't like beer
-only cook the burger, but not the fries? Don't cook either
-leave after the 7th inning to beat the traffic? NEVER!
-quit after 9 holes? Don't play golf
-only look at the pictures? If we're talking Playboy, I only read the articles
-only want it "half way in?" Riiiggghhht