Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Small perfect moments

Last night

Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T’s on the headphones.
Raindrops on the train window.
Wet streets. Headlights. Green green green trees.
And the picture outside constantly changing against the backdrop of a stormy, sweepy sky.
Summer 2003

It’s hot. It’s night.

We – family, friends, neighbors – worked all day moving us into the New House. We’re exhausted but happy.

An unbelievably bright light sparks low and northeast on a dark horizon. It shoots across the entire sky arcing high then flaming out way south.

It lasts forever – long long long for a falling star.

A slow smiling wink from God.
Years ago

We’d been walking a long time. In the woods – my favorite thing ever.

A bank of pine trees along the trail. A bed of sun-warm pine needles.

We lay down under those pine trees talking about everything and nothing. We could’ve stayed forever. Now I wish we did.
To me, it’s never the Big Planned Moments that are most memorable.

It’s the small perfect unplanned moments.

Got one?
I am listening to: The Plain White T’s
I am reading: Nothing
And I am: Perfectly content



Here's an unplanned moment:
valentines day 6 years ago, steak, lobster, wine and 9months later, our wonderful Amazing son, Jackson. I wouldn't change it for a second.

Plain white tee's-awesome! Bigdogg and I are hoping to attend their concert ($14tix) at the county fair in the Dup county. Thursday July something (ask bigdogg) concert starts at 9pm.


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