Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Five for the price of one

You know how I feel about illegal immigrants. The majority of them are hard-working, family-oriented folks who just want a better life.

Unfortunately, Elvira Arellano is not one of them.

She's a pathetic media whore with zero regard for her son's well-being.

Anyone who'd use a child to prove a political point … oh, fuck it, you know what I mean.
Every time I try to type Karl Rover. . .See?

Rover. Every time.

Lil’ Bush
Flight of the Conchords

Do not watch:
The Astronaut Farmer
America’s Got Talent
Anything with High School Musical in the title
One in four Americans did not read a book last year.

So c’mon. How many for you?

And why not more?
Confession: I've been watching America's Got Talent.

I know.

I got sucked into it late in the series when the contestants, in fact, did have some modicum of talent.

However. A paunchy white dude with his hand up a turtle's ass singing Crying was just christened America's Top Talent in the finale and it feels so dirty I'm heading to the shower for a good long scrub.
Five for the price of one? C’mon, Hed.

It’s free. Whattaya want?
I am listening to: Elvis Costello - She
I am reading: Harry Potter - Book 3
And I am: Caught up


phatdoggy said...

Books... I can't read too many per year, mostly because I read before going to sleep, and I usually get a few pages in before passing out. I'd REALLY like to call in sick on a rainy day and spend it reading The Devil in the White City while lounging in my Ikea chair (you know the one - THE Ikea chair) in front of the window. But alas... work calls.

Turtles... If someone can get their hand up a turtle's ass, well that IS talent in my book. I don't know that I'd know where to even find a turtles ass, although I start low and between the hind legs. Is there a porthole in the shell? Hmmmm...???

Posolxstvo said...

Is it a good sign or a bad sign that I don't remember how many books I read last year? Or even this year.

Is there a specific kind of book that is inherently better than others? I know I read a few history books, several novels, and a handful of humor books. But i still have not been able to get through Isaiah of the bible...