Thursday, August 02, 2007

Something good

“So I figured out where we’re going to dinner for our anniversary,” says Jim, standing behind the grill last Saturday.

I am distracted.

Gromit is barking at a ball bobbing in the pool. It’s what he does. He’s perfectly happy to go in and get it, but first he must bark at it for a few minutes. I’m assuming to put the ball on notice that it is about to be rescued. Or something.

“Oh yeah?” I say, playing catch-up with the conversation after Grom finally makes the plunge. “Where?”

The where-do-we-go-for-our-anniversary rodeo typically begins in early July, in anticipation (and dinner reservations) of the blessed event in early August.

We went to Gibson’s in Chicago for our first anniversary and it’s been a lovely tradition ever since. The steaks are good, but the people watching is outstanding (Outstanding!) and we always see someone semi-famous.


Yes. Think Jesse Jackson and Dennis Hastert. Semi-famous.

But after nine years of marriage, Jim wants to break the tradition and change things up a bit.

Six weeks ago he was talking Italian. Two weeks ago it was seafood.

Both times I gave him the standard wrinkled-up-nose-but-it’s-a-tradition response, effectively tabling any additional anniversary dinner debate.
“I’m thinking seafood AND Italian,” he says, looking up from his famous chicken wings popping above the charcoal.

Jesus. Can’t we just go to Gibson’s and keep it simple? I don’t want to try a new place. I don’t want seafood. Besides, my parents are coming for a visit that week, our anniversary is on a Sunday and it’s only nine years. Let’s go to dinner at Gibson’s the following week after my parents are gone and we’ll celebrate then, no biggie. It’s only nine years after all.

Of course I think all of this but don’t say it.

You don’t get to celebrate nine years of wedded bliss without learning the #1 Rule of Marriage: Keep Your Mouth Shut.

“Oh yeah?” I say again, waiting to hear about some new amazing Italian fish place in the city.

“I made two reservations.”


“We’re going to two places in one night?” I ask, thoroughly confused.

Sure, I’ve become a fat-ass since the back injury, but damn. Two dinners?

“We’re going to Mama’s Fish House on Sunday for our anniversary,” he says with grin. “And that Italian place at the Four Seasons Maui for the sunset on Tuesday.”

It takes more than a minute to sink in.

He’s taking me to my favorite place on the planet for our anniversary. My parents are coming to visit so they can watch Gromit.

I’m going to Maui.
So, to summarize:
  • I have a wonderful husband
  • I am NOT wasting one minute of Maui time with the Mac
  • You guys are on your own until at least Thursday of next week.

I am listening to: That song called Something Good by Maria and whatshisname from The Sound of Music
I am reading: Nothing until after the trip
And I am: Blessed



You DO have a great husband to plan all that out.
How'd he manage to do all that without you getting an inkling of something being up?

Imagine what he'll plan for the 25th?
A trip to the moon perhaps?
Mazel tov on 9years!

bring us back a "lei" or 2, or 3,..:)

the dilf said...


msmoo1 said...

Why do I hear a loud gnashing of teeth in anguish from Hedy’s male fans? Because Jim has just set the bar really, really high.

good guy

Posolxstvo said...

You guys going to come back re-Maui-ed? Sorry. Had to do it.

Have fun. Mrs. P and I used to live on Oahu, and we'd take hops to the other islands. I really liked Maui -- particularly Lahaina.

Dave said...

Msmoo1 has a point.

Enjoy; but, you owe this to all of your readers, boys and girls:

Mom, you're in the house, there's the Mac. If Hedy won't give you the blogger password, just do a couple of posts by way of comments on this post.

Not a lot of long stuff like Hedy. You don't have to tell us what you're listening to, reading, though a word or two on how you're feeling would be nice.

So what d'ya say?

Mom said...

Sorry, Dave. No time. Da and I are swimming nude in the pool and drinking all of their beer. Aloha!

Mom said...

Stay tuned...we'll be posting pictures at a later date.

DewMama said...

Oh Hedy. You better send Grommie to Auntie Lisa's house. It sounds like your doggie-sitters will have their hands full, so to speak, with other matters :)

Dave said...

OK, Mom won't post, Da, you worn out yet? I haven't read Hedy forever, but I haven't heard from you yet.

Both of you, Hedy didn't leave any fruity drinks and she left for Maui? Bad daughter.

JD said...

Yep... the bar is set high for all of us now. Especially when this conversation happened, my wife looked at me when we both heard it poolside waiting for Jim's fantastic wings to be done. There is a new champion now for the husbands out there to look to for guidance, and his name is Jim.

Posolxstvo said...

How was dinner? You ARE coming back, right?