Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When flowers mattered

So we're strolling through a gift shop at Honolulu International Airport waiting for the long flight home when I see a ginormous pile of Godiva chocolate boxes.

It reminds me of something I haven't thought about in years: The Godiva Chocolate Incident.

It was very strange. Freshman year in college, out of the blue, I received a large box of Godiva chocolates from some dude I barely knew in high school.

Turns out Bill was 'wooing' me.
"Vot is dis voo?"

That is Bubbie from the classic movie Crossing Delancey. Watch it. It began my love affair with everything and everyone Jewish.

If you've known me more than 10 minutes, you know that kinda shit doesn't work.

Flowers & chocolate? C'mon. You're gonna have to be smarter than that. You're gonna have to work harder than that. You're gonna have to think harder than that.

But feeling guilty about the chocolates, which of course were shared with my roommates, I went on a date with Bill. Once.

And as suspected by the golden box of goodies, he was fairly vacuous.

I'm sure after the cash he dropped on the fancy schmancy chocolates, he was expecting something. That box was worth a good blow job at least.

But he didn't even get a kiss.
The point is, the godawful Godiva Incident got me thinking of The One Time that getting something like that actually meant something.

When I was a kid, Da would bring Mom and me flowers. Flowers from a road side stand. Flowers wrapped in wet newspaper and a rubber band holding it all together. He took his motorcycle to and from work quite a bit, so he'd tuck the flowers down the front of his jacket.

I've often thought it had to be such a lovely, romantic sight: Da zipping along, flowers poking out. I can still feel the wet texture of the paper as we carefully unwrapped them. I close my eyes and I can smell them - a mix of marigolds and daisies and baby's breath.

That is the only time flowers mattered.
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msmoo1 said...

I miss my Dad.


Love You, Mom said...

It may have been that way back then, but I know you better now. If someone gave you a box of Godiva chocolates now, you would do anything & everything. :) I just had to get your goat Hed.

Hedy said...

Jim'll read this and be on his way to the store before you can say "Dark Chocolate Turtle".