Thursday, August 16, 2007


Why does my hair finally cooperate on the day it’s getting cut?

Why does the iron make the wrinkles that are hardest to smooth out?

Why does my computer finally do what’s expected after I’ve contacted the IT guy?

Why is everyone so goddamn slow when I’m in a hurry?

And why do all the maniacs come out when I’m taking my time?

Why does your boss always walk up behind you as you’re opening something twisted/pornographic sent by that one deviant friend?

Why, when he has the whole backyard, does your wet dog stand right next to you to shake off?

Why are those most interested in controlling the behavior of others the last people you’d want in charge of anything?

Why does your spouse change the channel at the exact moment when what you most wanted to see/hear comes on?

Why, when I drop something, does it always land on that One Spot on top of my foot that hurts like a motherfucker?

Why do the people who talk the most always seem to have the least to say?

Why do the things that taste the best make you feel the worst?
I am listening to: Indigo Girls – Rites of Passage
I am reading: Harry Potter – Book 3
And I am: Asky


DewMama said...

C'mon now--you must have more than one deviant friend. I can't be the only one :)

the dilf said...

hey dewmamma....if you're the one deviant friend sending porn.....send it to me too!!!!


"why" bother doing your hair on the day that it's due for a trim?
Why not spend more time in bed that morning?
Screw the hair, it's getting cut anyways later on.