Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Three freaky f*ck monkeys bouncin' on the bed

There's a new guy on HedyBlog's Freaky Fuck Monkey Tote Board: Larry Craig, Republican Senator from Idaho.

Are we surprised?

According to Yahoo! News:

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who has voted against gay marriage and opposes extending special protections to gay and lesbian crime victims, finds his political future in doubt after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges stemming from complaints of lewd conduct in a men's room.

I'd never begrudge a man for getting his junk pumped in a men's bathroom, but apparently Mr. Craig does - but only when he's not there to participate in the fun.

So here's the tally so far:

Republicans – 3 (Tobias & Vitter & Craig, oh MY!)
Democrats - 0
I am listening to: The Fray - All At Once
I am reading: Happy Rotter - Book 4
And I am: Not a monkey


S.Ray said...

Are you f*ckin kidding me?????..You are actually saying that Republicans are scum, and ALL democrats are Ethical????..Get a grip Hedy!

Hedy said...

I'm NOT saying ALL Democrats are ethical. Of course not. I just think it's very interesting that the Republicans - famous for their association with God and morals - seem to have the most sex-related scandals. Say what you will about Bill Clinton, he never got caught begging for a reach-around in a public john.

S.Ray said...

I'm a republican....I don't associate myself with God....AND...I have no morals..and love internet p*rn...so there ya go!...smart ass!

Hedy said...

Hmmm... no God, no morals, Internet p*rn. I hate to tell you this, my friend, but you've got bigger problems than all of the repressed Republicans put together because... you're a REPRESSED DEMOCRAT!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!