Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recipe: How to Feel Like a Kid Again

Sit sideways in a big comfy armchair. Flop your legs over the side. Read a book for hours.

Eat peanut butter from a spoon.

Spray your favorite girl in the back of the head with a garden hose. Laugh like hell.

Eat Cheerios outta the box.

Bury your face in the thick fur around your dog's neck and just ... breathe.

Watch the Wizard of Oz. Hide your eyes when the flying monkeys come out.

Pick a dandelion and give it to someone you love.

Spread out on your back in the grass under a tree.

Play Scrabble with your friends.

Sniff a Zippo lighter.

Say the first thing that pops into your head and don't regret it.

Bounce a ball against a wall. Repeat until someone yells at you.

Let a tiny little olive-green bug crawl around on your hand. And talk to him.

Be naked and barefoot as much as possible.
I am listening to: Just Jack - Snowflakes
I am reading: Harry Potter Book 2
And I am: A big kid



Ah yes!
And don't forget to add:
Run around outside in a rain storm
Run barefoot puddle jumping and mud splashing-
it's actually a great deal of fun!

msmoo1 said...

Jumping over streams in the field across the street;
Going to church and looking for shoes for our feet;
Running thru the sprinkler with arms waving high;
Matching animals with fluffy white clouds in the sky;
The sweet smell of the weeds that surrounded us for acres;
Checking with neighborhood friends to see if there were any takers...
for the playing of statute maker, tag, kick ball or hide ‘n go seek;
And when you lost, you lost – no crying – we weren’t weak;
Noticing the boys next door for the first time “like that”;
And last, but not least - eating whatever I wanted and not getting fat!

how's that?

Hedy said...

Ms. Moo! You rule!

phatdoggy said...

A poet that didn't know it. She's ALMOST as witty as my pen-pushing kitty!

-Mr. Uk

msmoo1 said...

You can tell I work with lawyers - I typed "statute" instead of "statue"......

miss moo

Dave said...

In summer, "for the last time, get in here, dinner's getting cold."

In winter, "I don't care how cold it is, close the book and go outside."

JD said...

Great memories...

playing pick-up football, basketball, baseball, frisbe golf, etc., with friends....

staying up late...

sleeping in tents or the family camper on the driveway...

riding my bike to the local Quick-Pik store for baseball cards and then trading and sorting them later with friends...

pool hoping in the neighborhood late at night....

4th of July parade in downtown Northville, MI., seeing all your friends there, and meeting new ones too, fireworks on the hill by the high school...

dreaming about your future while looking up at the big white puffy clouds in the blue sky, and now remembering some of those dreams and realizing that you still need to dream as an adult too... don't ever stop dreaming! :-)

Posolxstvo said...

How about running around in the kids' department of the local Sears while your mother keeps holding Toughskins jeans up to you, wrinkling her nose, saying "These will never last through the school year. You're always so hard on your clothes."

S.Ray said...

What about whipping around the neighborhood on a Big Wheel?