Friday, February 01, 2008

Argue with me, I dare ya

The only reason to watch Lost is Sawyer
The only way to celebrate a birthday is with cake and ice cream
The only way to make things better is to apologize, and mean it
The only cookie is Oreo, and none of that double stuff crap, either
The only running back is Walter Payton
The only Star Wars movie is Episode IV
The only island is Maui
The only dog is your dog
The only cake is chocolate
The only mayonnaise is Hellman’s
The only motorcycle is a Harley
The only columnist is Neil Steinberg
The only bar is the Bristol Tap
The only city is Chicago
The only computer is Mac
The only lake is Michigan
The only 007 is Sean Connery
The only Stooge is Curly
The only guy is Jim
The only play is MacBeth
The only pajamas are flannel
The only truck is Ford
The only toilet paper is Charmin Ultra
The only hat is baseball
The only vegetable is asparagus
The only foreign country is Scotland
The only bear is Pooh
The only basketball team is The Pistons
The only witch is Wicked, and not the one in that silly-ass play
The only convertible is the 1967 GTO ragtop
The only astronaut is Neil Armstrong
The only restaurant is Mama’s Fish House
The only Queen is Elizabeth
The only C U Next Tuesday is Hillary Clinton
The only storm is thunder
The only playground equipment is a swing
The only King is Henry VIII
The only news anchor is Walter Cronkite
The only pizza is Chicago deep dish
The only Muppet is Kermit
The only Wizard is Harry
The only statue is Liberty
The only boxer is Muhammad Ali
The only ending is happy
I am listening to: I’m the Only One – Melissa Etheridge
I am reading: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
And I am: The One and Only


Posolxstvo said...

[ - snort - ]

Okay. You keep telling yourself that. Maybe that'll make it true.

At least we know that you're opinion muscle is well exercised.

If would have been acceptable had you followed "The only [noun]..." with "for me."

Hedy said...

:) Just trying to keep things lively! C'mon, you know you wanna fill in the blanks: The only _____ is ______. C'mon! Do it!

phatdoggy said...

It's like overly repetitive Mad Libs.

Harley? Hardly.

The only funkmaster is George Clinton.
The only Captain is Stubing.
The only headache relief is Advil.
The only ice cream is Oberweis.
The only hot dog is Portillo's.
The only bunny is Bugs.
Melissa Etheridge is the only one who'll walk across the fire for you.

you know who.... said...

are all you bleeding-heart-liberals this opinionated?

Susan said...

I don't consider myself a BHL and I have an opinion about most things in life. Isn't that how us humans are wired?


Posolxstvo said...

Okay. I'll bite...

The only good sushi is NO sushi.
The only jazz is whatever isn't cool jazz.
The only good cars are not american.

Oh dear. I don't seem to be very good at this. I guess I just like cariety in too many things. And it is so much easier to point out the unacceptable than the required.

the dilf said...

-the only school is MSU
-the only show is Entourage
-the only one for the the milf
-the only a Detroit Tiger
-the only true white trash town is The Clem
-the only goal should be happiness
I have a new goal for Hedy...She's already tried the No Swearing thing and we all thought that was quite, here it is...stop talking about poop!