Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's a good day when

You discover you have yet another thing in common with someone you already really like.
Someone you haven't heard from in months sends you an e-mail outta the blue.
Your hair cooperates.
The lights are green.
No one yells.
You laugh and cry in the same conversation.
Your smiling dog licks your face.
The sun is out for the first time in weeks.
I am listening to: Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles
I am reading: Wired magazine
And I am: Grateful


Susan said...

"it's a good day when"....your just-turned-20-year-old son, who has recently, hopefully just temporarily, relocated onto your sofa in your very small 1899-built, one bathroom farmhouse, has FINALLY (at least for this morning) learned to put down the toliet seat after peeing.


the dilf said...

oh...and old lady touches my pee pee every 3rd's a rule!

my tool

judy said...

A good friend sends you a card out of the blue and it makes you cry and smile, especially because you really needed it. xoxo