Saturday, February 23, 2008

To your right

You'll notice a few fresh links to your right. Please check them out.

They're all so good I don't know where to begin but it seems right to start with my stellar friend Susan from Susan's Sidewalk Snippets. She was the first in my ever-expanding train posse -- a veteran commuter -- and is always smart, funny and insightful. Her concept is simple and brilliant: Walking the streets of Chicago every day, we can't help but hear snippets of conversations. Susan uses these snippets as a starting point and PRESTO! A fun and funny blog you should be reading every day.

Life in Amreeka is a brand new blog from the newest addition to my train crew -- he's a Pakistani expat -- with a unique perspective on life here in the U.S. And you know how passionate I am about understanding the people and culture from that part of the world. We can expect great things from the blogger at Amreeka -- not the least of which is a humorous look at how we silly Americans treat 'foreigners' in this post 9/11 world.

Speaking of expatriates (and last but certainly not least), my lifelong friend Nelson has a blog called Enjoy Life. Enjoy life. We don't do that nearly enough, do we? All of us could take a little lesson from Nelson, who has lived all over the world -- most recently Tokyo and now Bangkok -- but still has a huge appreciation for this place we call home.
Other links you should be visiting on a semi-regular basis: Basic Instructions, Fark, The Happiness Project, Take a Report, and Deus Ex Malcontent.

Finally, big thanks to my original band o'bloggers: Dave, Pos, Molly, and Crusty.

Thanks to all of you for making my life on- and off-line so enjoyable.
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Susan said...

Thanks, Hedy for the plug.

Although I bow to you, the Queen, and am forever thankful that you continuously set such a FABULOUS example for me to humbly try to follow.

Also let's not forget YOUR faithful following - in part, where would we be without the likes of phatdoggy and the dilf?


molly gras said...

Darlin' I consider you the blogger version of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science: you're opinion really, really counts.

Instead of an Oscar, I'm going to design a Hedy statue ~ but only the passengers on your train will know how significant it really is to receive one!!

Cheers :)


I like the idea of a Hedy Statue..
but, will it have big boobs? or BIG boobs?

All joking aside,
Thank YOU, Hedy!
Crusty~ :)

FM said...

Oh WOW!!! Thank You so very much for the plug.

"Aai yaam very very humbled only with your comments on my bee-log yaa. Aai yam here for very long only but make start of bee-log by leearn ferom best like you only."

On a serious not... thank you! thank you! and THANK YOU!! Though I've lived in this country for over 11 years, I've learned alot from you in... say.... twice that I've met you in those one-way train rides so far. WOW!! What an impact. So glad I got to meet you.

Peeps... I'm a noob blogger so bear with me. Still working my way around linking, etc.

Never written before but have lots to put down relating to the culture difference and views of people - 'amreekans' or not!!.

Still figuring out how to link to your blog... and I call myself an IT guy???

Dave said...

I guess it's time to share my secret, Hedy, I only read you for dilf. You are the one and only online outlet (that I know of) for his ... hmmm, he is unique.

Hedy said...

Thank you, thank you, dear friends. And Dave: I hope you realize what you've done - now the Dilf will be expecting some sort of compensation for his comments...yikes.