Friday, February 29, 2008

The miracle of science

According to BusinessWeek, researchers at the University of Washington "are developing a contact lens that projects images in front of the wearer's eyes."

The smart lenses are designed to notify you of incoming calls or e-mails.

The best part? Apparently these amazing new lenses are currently being tested on rabbits.

Who knew bunnies had cell phones, let alone e-mail?

Truly a miracle of science.

And as they say at my favorite news site Fark, "still no cure for cancer."
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I am reading: BusinessWeek
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Susan said...

Well at least one BIG bunny - the Easter Bunny needs good vision, a cell phone, directions emailed to him, etc. because soon he will be driving around delivering all those baskets filled with colored eggs and jelly beans.....

which is way more important than some dumb cancer cure.