Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The struggle coming down

The 8:02 train pulls into Aurora and I’m with a crowd of commuters waiting to board.

Certain folks who seriously ought to know better stand right outside the doors so there’s no room for the handful of people exiting the train.

A smallish, fashionable man jumps down the steps followed by a few construction worker types.

The last woman to come down is struggling with a small yet completely stuffed wire cart that refuses to budge.

Even if the cart suddenly changed its mind and decided to move, it’s got nowhere to go because there’s an older man in a gray wool coat blocking the entrance and waiting to board.

“Dude, c’mon. Help her out.”

That’s me, thinking if this fuck-nut is gonna stand in the way he should at least make himself useful and help the poor woman down.


He gives her that disgusted Get-Out-of-My-Way look then cuts in front of the rest of us waiting patiently at the other side of the entrance.
Why do people insist on standing in the way of others getting off elevators and trains and planes?

They know know know people are in there. And they need to come out. Yet the idiots crowd up.

Is it bad that I fantasize about giving these people the Mr. Gower Treatment -- punching them in the ears until they cry and (better still) bleed?
Why didn’t YOU help her down, Hedy?

Because I was off to the side and out of the way and couldn’t have reached her through the throng of fuck-nuts if I tried.
When did that man stop seeing people struggling and only see them in his way?

Did he ever see them?
The fact is, it would’ve taken less than two seconds to help that woman get off the train. If that dude had helped her out he actually would’ve been able to board the train more quickly. And more importantly, without pissing off the rest of us more patient types.

I bet in a lot of ways that guy's life is more of a struggle than it has to be.

Because he's always getting in the way. Of himself.
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I am reading: Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn
And I am: Out of the way


Susan said...

Good luck in figuring this one out, Hedy!!
Either you are one of those people that "get it" or you are not.
I have stopped trying to figure out what switch doesn't work in the "not" people's heads; or what they did/didn't get in childhood that makes them be "it is only about getting what I want/need!"

watch 'em bleed

the dilf said...

I've always hated Mike Tyson, but there is one quote of his, that I just love...
"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."

You should've changed his... "plan."

Dave said...

I've been reading you too long. Given this post, you have to explain the difference between your train boarding style and your driving style, the latter, without a search for a post I'm recalling, being decidedly agressive.

Hedy said...

Good catch, Dave. I walk fast. I drive fast. I like to get where I'm going quickly but I am never dangerous and rarely inconsiderate. I say 'rarely inconsiderate' only because sometimes it just happens with us humans. But I like to think I'm less inconsiderate than others and certainly less so than the train guy this morning. That said, when it comes to situations where people are involved at close proximity (like in heavy traffic or long queues anywhere), I tend to go with the flow and be a good citizen. Plus unless the train is about to leave, there's really no need to rush to get a seat. Does that make sense? And thanks for making me think.

Dave said...

That makes sense.