Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The definition of irony

Your Mom is pissed at you for writing about your beliefs about God, one of which is that beliefs about God have divided friends and family since the beginning of time.
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Posolxstvo said...

A pagan friend of mine rues the day he ever told his very Catholic grandparents what his beliefs were. Even though they specifically asked him what his beliefs are.

Sorry to hear that Mom's mad at you.

Susan said...

My 20 year-old son recently told me that he doesn't believe in a God, a supreme entity that created this all.

Am I mad at him about it?

Not really.

But I do fuss within because when it is all said and done - I want him to be with me on the other side for eternity.

with certainty

Posolxstvo said...

Susan - do you really believe that a benevolent God would not allow your son to be with you if he is a truly good person, just because of some, in essence, dogmatic red tape?

What about my pagan friend? What of his fate?

(Don't mean to stoke any fires or start any fights here. Just genuinely curious.)

the dilf said...

Yo Mom,

Stop right now! This is why our generation gets mad with religion. You are mad at her, because she doesn't believe what you believe. Poppycock!
Kind of like the extremist muslims, we don't believe in the Koran, so, they want to kill us! It's such a frickin Joke! Where would this world be, if there was No Religion? hmmmmmmm...Would the Jews be fighting the Arabs? Would the Arabs be fighting us, because we support the Jews? hmmmmmmmmm. Well, if there was no religion, I guess there wouldn't be any Jews.
Oh..and you wouldn't be fighting with Hedy.

Hedy said...

Oh, I rue. Serious rue-age here. But what I believe is so deeply a part of who I am, it would be dishonest and damn near impossible NOT to let the people who love me most know these things. It's not meant to be offensive, but thought-provoking. The best thing about not believing in religion is: I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that I'll be with the people I love when I die.

judy said...

I've been pondering my reply all day. While I know that you and I differ greatly in our religious beliefs, I do respect your honesty and have been curiously reading all the feedback on this controversial Blog posting. I also admire both Susan's and your Mom's honesty in their responses.

I admittedly did get a bit defensive on your comment in which you seemed to blame God for not doing much to help a world that "remains divided over religion". I have never believed the problems in this world are God's fault or His for the fixing. I believe that we are blessed with minds that have the ability to make choices, whether good or bad. Many problems in the world are the result of poor choices based perhaps on bitterness, anger or jealousy with little regard to compassion or love.

I consider my life, family, friends, and even my pets as gifts from God. I have learned to look at unforeseen or tragic events in my life as tests of my faith and strength. Because of my faith, I feel a peace and calmness that I never knew existed. I feel secure knowing that I can talk things out with God at any time and without the need of “electronic gadgets” to fill my emptiness.

Thanks for letting me share what I believe.

Anonymous said...


May I ask why you put distance in your post by using "you" & "your" instead of "me" & "my"? My Mom isn't pissed at me! :-)

Seriously, it may be be helpful in coming to terms with your feelings about it (which I'm sure you have feelings about it...you're not even reading anything today...what up???)

This is from the same train buddy who wrote yesterday, so I'm in your camp. It's just that my mom isn't pissed at me. Really! ;-) (Hopefully you won't either after reading this)


Hedy said...

Wow - another an outstanding day for comments, thanks so much. :)

Hedy said...

Hi anonymous train buddy - I'm glad you're here. I didn't mean to distance myself - it was just the "definition of irony" format. Although I'm sure there is some deep psychological issue that I'm not dealing with on this. And as for why I'm not reading, some days I just can't fit anything in my little brain. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Good! And yes, I definitely see the irony. Like, "ahhhh Mom? Case in point?" ;-)

Thanks for writing Hedy...now get back to your reading! :-)

Train Buddy

FM said...

whoa!!! been missing out on a lot. Hat's off to you hedy for speaking your mind out on ur beliefs. I understand how everyone has their opinion on this topic.

My opinion... God is Great... whoever that may be, as He is different for everyone. It's all in your head... and people usually tend to use Him as an excuse if things do not go their way... and usually forget Him when things are better in life.

Everything in moderation is good and that goes for the belief as well. Too much of this is known as 'extremism' in my part of the world. If u practice religion or not, that is upto u as long as u r strong on ur faith.

Always enjoy comments from 'Dilf'. Just one thing to clear up... do not believe what the media shows or tells. "Muslim" extremists do not want to kill anyone. Those are not Muslims. Those are just some illetrate bunch of retard people who belive anything they are told but an idiotic figure. They have been using Muslim and Islam as an excuse and the rest is all Media hype. The religion does not teach violence - yup.. I know.. hard to believe with what is portrayed.

Those bastard extremists have been trying to kill their fellow real 'Muslims' and I know this first hand. Since last week, my bro, 6 yr old nephew and cousin have barely survived separate suicide attacks with their cars destroyed and home windows/doors blown - all this in their own Muslim country, and in a real good neighborhood. It has nothing to do with the Quran or Amreekans.

And... belief in God grows stronger for his blessings to have spared the lives of my relatives.

Susan said...

Pos - In my world's view - I believe that what the bible says is the truth.

The truth says that the only way to heaven is by believing in God.

Dogmatic - certainly.

You can believe there is an afterlife with God or not - if there is no afterlife like some believe - then we are all just dead - but if there is an afterlife of unfathomable proportions - why not choose that road?

glory untold