Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why I'm here, still

Mom was born on this day in 1945.

Of course she's the reason why I'm here, but more importantly, she also is the reason why I am still here.

Any good decision in my life - any good thing, period - is because of her.

Thanks, Mom.
I am listening to: I'll Follow the Sun - The Beatles
I am reading: The Innocent Man by John Grisham (still waiting for it to get good)
And I am: Blessed


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to a Mom that has done it and continues to do it well!

you're swell

Posolxstvo said...

Ready for another freaky coincidence moment? My mother was born on this date in 1941.

Happy birthday, Mom!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hedy. I am so blessed to have you. Also thank you Susan & posolxstvo.

Dave said...

Happy Birthday Mom!

You have to get back to leaving comments. I've missed them.

molly gras said...

Happy, happy birthday Mom!

I say margaritas are in order!!

the dilf said...

Happy Birthday Mom....and tell Hedy to get her ass to Church!


Happy Belated BDAY TO HEDY's MOM!!

I hope your daughter-hedy- and you can have some lovely QT this weekend in honor of your bday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you for all your wonderful birthday wishes. So very nice of you.
Love to you and prayers for your good health and happiness always.
love, mom