Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm home, but my brain is still on the beach.

So here's something to keep you kiddies occupied until its triumphant return:

I am listening to: Kenya!
I am reading: Atonement by Ian Mcewan
And I am: Flaking off



your chocolate rain won an award on You Tube!

Welcome Home.
You picked the wrong day to return!

molly gras said...

How DO you find those little gems?! (inquiring minds would like to know)

Glad to have you back - and how many bottles of tequila made it back in the luggage?

Adios amigo

Posolxstvo said...

My coffee this morning was Starbucks' Kenya blend. Guess what stupid song was rattling through my skull all day.

molly gras said...

Hedy, I'd like to speak to that stupid-song-rattling-around-in-Pos's-skull-case phenomenon ... he's been able to take his obnoxious tendencies to a whole NEW level!

It kind of reminds me of another time that he was Hedy-youTubed inspired ... oh, yea! It was that damn "Chocolate Rain" song that had interminable playtime in our household (sung over and over by Pos himself!)

For the love of God, Hedy, please no more ... I BEG YOU !!!!