Thursday, March 06, 2008


Your morning walk from the train station is uneventful.

You push your way through the revolving doors. You swipe the ID. The light turns green and you hit the turnstile.

The Masters of the Universe gather in this, the most venerable of buildings.

Of course today is no different so you’re the only woman in an elevator jammed with men. The traders bound out at four like always. A few more exit at six.

You’re all that’s left in the lift save a white-haired gentleman leaning on a shiny wooden cane.

“FINALLY!” he says with a grin. “I never thought I’d get you alone.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” you say, playing along.

The next stop is yours. The doors open. You turn to smile before stepping off.

“I hope it was good for you,” he says.

“Outstanding, thanks.”
I am listening to: Louis Armstrong – A Kiss to Build a Dream On
I am reading: Not much
And I am: Delighted


DewMama said...

Hey!! How old was this guy?? Do you think he'd go for Nana? She's got 2 new hips, ya know :)

phatdoggy said...

Nothing like a little soft-core elevator porn to start the day right. Hope it only gets better!

Susan said...

At his age that may be as close to a "happy ending" as he gets and thanks to Hedy - it was a goody!


MirzaDude said...

hedy... i think you've made his month... just enough time for him to recuperate.

He will be waiting for you same time, same place, same elevator next month.

Aaah... the social worker u r. always caring about others!!


sounds like another Viagra Thursday for that dear chap!

should I be offended? The word verification claims I have gasma. :)