Monday, May 19, 2008

The show stopper

You're channel surfing.

Searching through what seems like a bazillion stations for something, anything to watch.

And then, BAM. There it is.

The show stopper.

The movie you'll always switch to, even if it's 6:55 and it ends at 7.

For me, it's Pillow Talk.

Yep. Doris Day. Rock Hudson. Pillows. And a party line.

Dang, Hedy, of all movies -- why Pillow Talk?

I think it's mostly the outfits. And Rock, of course. Sure, he was gay. But that particularly potent brand of masculine perfection makes my suspension of disbelief go all whacky and say "Sure, it could happen. Sure." Yum.

One of my favorite scenes takes place in a roadside diner when smarmy Jonathan Forbes (Tony Randall) slaps the shit outta Doris Day to get her to stop sobbing over Rex/Rock. It's just so...quaint.
Of course there are other stoppers.

Pulp Fiction. Tombstone. The American President. Almost Famous. Anything with Bill Bob Thornton.

The newest stopper is Devil Wears Prada, which was unfortunately boycotted for about six months for being too close to reality as I was actually working for a devil myself. But in the last month, I'm happy to say DWP is back in the show stopper rotation and I've watched it no less than five times.

Last night I achieved a heretofore unimagined show-stopper feat: The Show Stopper Trifecta. Jim's outta town for the week so with full control of the remote, I managed to catch the final 30 minutes of Pillow Talk followed by the last 20 minutes of The Devil Wears Prada (right before Ann Hathaway gets to go to Paris, yay), capped off with the final scene of Tombstone.

What are your stoppers?
I am listening to: "You are my inspiration, Heath-er"
I am reading: Step by Step by Bertie Bowman
And I am: Looking forward to everything


the dilf said...

-Slapshot.."He got Big C*ck..Like Horse"
-Sixteen Candles "AutoooMoBeeeEEEL"
-Diceman..."So, I'm standin Online at da bank..and I got my TONGUE up this Chicks @ss"
-Rudy...."I'm here to play football for the Irish"
-CaddyShack..."It's in the Hole!"
-the Dilf Movie.."I've been Sensored!"

molly gras said...

When Harry Meet Sally, You've Got Mail and any of the Indiana Jones movies ... and yeah! for the newest installment of the Indy saga (just in time for my birthday!!)

Susan said...

"Desperately Seeking Susan..."

from back in my for-better-but-for-mostly-worse days - the title speaks loud enough, along with the plot of escaping a mundane, bad marriage.

waiting for my royal carriage

Posolxstvo said...

Anything by the Coen brothers.

Anything with Clint Eastwood.

Too many others to name.