Friday, May 02, 2008

You will take my balls when you...oh nevermind

It's been a busy, busy week for them thinky Florida lawmakers to be sure.

Florida Trucks Avoid Castration

"A provision in a highway safety bill that would have banned drivers from attaching replica bull testicles to their rear bumpers was snipped from the legislation."


Especially since this news comes the very same week that Florida lawmakers blocked an amendment to a bill that would have authorized the first ever state-issued specialty license plate for Christians. The plate would have featured a cross, a stained glass window, and the words 'I believe'.

Final score: Balls 2, God 0.

Sure, the Christians lost out legislatively speaking this week, but the real losers are the Florida taxpayers footing the bill for all of this silliness.
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Now you understand why Brian and I moved from there.
Funny though, they haven't passed a law about those back seat drivers that stare at you the entire time while you're heading home from work. You know the types, those 'landscapers' that you view hanging out with their rakes and bags of Florida Crabgrass rubbish, wearing sweaty bandanas usually shirtless, sitting in the back of the truck-single or dual cab types while riding down 95 or the turnpike.


Moe Wanchuk said...

I find it funny, that those balls (on that website) are BLUE. Very, Very Funny!

I bet those would look Great on the back of Jim's car, or even YOUR truck!

Little Bald Bastard said...

To paraphrase Peter Sagal of "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me," isn't driving a gigantic truck overcompensating enough?

Anonymous said...

If they want to display there balls I think they should. I'm proud of mine.
By the way, what are testicles?