Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Susan-worthy snippet

Walking west on Superior just now behind a well-dressed man and woman:

"Half my family's Muslim, half my family's Pentecost. Someone says there's something wrong with being Muslim, I say 'Have you ever been to the mosque with me? Then how do you know?'"

"Whatever anyone wants to believe, that's fine with me."

I am listening to: If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow
I am reading: Another f*cking PowerPoint presentation
And I am: Kinda sleepy


Susan's Snippets said...

I LOVE listening...it is incredible how much you can overhear!

pay attention without fear

Anonymous said...

As you know we dogs have exceptional hearing.

I know you find it hard to believe but I can hear Jim's car an hour before he arrives home!

And I don’t expect you to believe this one but... I can hear a gnat fart from 152 yards away!

And how about this one... when a toilet flushes on an airliner 30,000 feet above... I can tell you if it was #1 or #2!

But when there is steak on the grill... I can't hear Hedy when she is two feet away yelling in my ear...

What is that all about?

Mmmm steak... I miss summer already!

Hmmm... these need a good licking… oh well... because I can…


miss kitty said...

Another gross post from a dog.

what a hog

miss kitty said...

another gross post from the dog - it is all always about the licking!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Kitty Kitty -- Why do you hate me so?