Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick of it

Remember back in the 90's when every movie seemed to have a strip club scene?

Maybe it was considered edgy for its time. I dunno.

I sure miss those days.

Have you noticed? It appears farts and puke have replaced tits and ass in the entertainment world.


You can't change the channel without some idiot barfing on the floor or barking in his boxers.

Captain Kirk on Boston Legal farts in practically every episode now. Californication should be renamed 'The Fucking and Barfing Show.'

And, in quite possibly the lowest cinematic moment in history, Charlotte (the prissy, uptight broad) literally shits her pants in Sex & the City, the movie.

It's like Hollywood writers have given up.

"...and then Alan Shore does that patented horny Sex, Lies & Videotape schtick he's been doing since the 80's and then hmmm....what would Denny Crane say at this point?"

"Eh, fuck it. PFFFFFFFFFFTT!"
Of course there are a few notable puke and shit scenes that are genuinely humorous.

Monty Python's Mr. Creosote comes to mind. The famous pie-eating contest in Stand By Me is a classic. And the broken toilet scene in Dumb & Dumber is damn near perfect.
You know me. I'm not easily offended. It's hard to be uptight when your blog is the #2 Google hit for 'big boners'.

But I am sick and tired of gross bodily functions on TV.

Attention Hollywood: Please bring back tits and ass. Before I puke.
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And I am: Sick of it


kengell said...

A woman after my own heart! Yes more TNA! Bring back those heady strip club scenes! I wonder if, given the coriolis effect, strippers in the southern hemisphere rotate on the pole in the opposite direction from their northern hemisphere counterparts? Probably not. But they certainly must be upside down don't you think? ;-)

Waldorf said...

Excellent observation. I agree wholeheartedly, even with your assessment of the greater moments of puke and shit.

Anonymous said...

You know we dogs just don't have the same reaction to tits that you humans do... but ASS... well that's a whole other story! I can't get enough of it. Love to stick my nose up any ass I can find! Ass is just so terrific and its always got a strong distinctive smell. Why did you know I can tell what someone had for lunch yesterday just by whiffing ass!
Ass... wow... ya just can't beat it!

you know who said...

Dammit, you KNEW I'd have to check that fact…
I'm sure this afternoon's google search for 'big boners' tripped some IT filter we have in place for spotting internet abuse at work.
This is gonna be tough to explain to my manager after IT delivers their hit list on Friday.

Daijobu des said...

Bring on the TNA!!!! I applaud the cause.

Now if we can take it a step further and bring a bit of Bangkok into the show that would be tops. Ping Pong balls shot out the cha cha (don't forget your catchers mitt), smoking cigarettes up the butt, you get the picture and hopefully so will the writers one day.

wafelenbak said...

I've never understood the popularity of barf scenes in movies. I mean, no one likes watching someone barf, right? It's not even funny, it's just gross. *shakes head*



BRING BACK Arnold Schwe. and Jaime Lee.