Monday, November 03, 2008

Last place

Where's the last place on the planet you'd like to be?

I'll go first.

With your Mom in the surgery waiting room at the hospital where you were born hearing the words 'malignant' and 'mass' and 'pathology report' and 'chemotherapy' while your Da is still in recovery.

That was Friday.

The surgeon was fairly certain he got it all and was surprisingly upbeat about the whole thing. Now we're waiting on the pathology results to figure out next steps.

Of course we know Da's answer to the 'last place' question.

He's an old-school tough guy who's done nothing but love his wife and kids and work his ass off his whole life. The last thing he wants is any of us fussing over him. But fuss we will for sure.

I'll be taking a break from this for a while. Nothing seems all that funny or interesting these days.

It's Monday night. And being here in Illinois -- acting like everything is normal -- is now officially the last place I'd like to be.
I am listening to: Gives You Hell - All-American Rejects
I am reading: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
And I am: Here, really wishing I was there


Susan's Snippets said...

I have been there and absolutely agree.....


DewMama said...

I love you and I'm here.

Dave said...

All my best.

Posolxstvo I said...

I sincerely hope all goes well with recovery. Mrs. P and I will be sending our positive vibes your/Da's way.

Anonymous said...

Upbeat surgeons! We like that.

Cindiloo said...

I wish your Pop a speedy recovery and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Come on Hedy, we all need your blog to keep our blood pressure up. :) We are going to remain positive, in faith, and not worry until we really have something to worry about. What the doctor said was very positive, and that is what we are focusing on. So put your thinking cap on, and write about something. Oh perhaps you could write about the election.:)Love you with all my heart.

LBB said...

We will all hope hard that upbeat surgeon has it right. All the best, Hedy.

molly gras said...

Been thinking about ya ... hope all is good news.