Sunday, November 16, 2008

McCain for Secretary of State

Screw Hillary. How about John McCain for Secretary of State?

If President-elect Obama truly wants to create a Team of Rivals à la Lincoln, McCain is the best choice.

Think about it. McCain's tough. He's got solid foreign policy experience. And he's well respected in this country and around the globe.

Plus, in one appointment, Obama could offer an olive branch to McCain and the 58 million people who voted for him. Just think of the new feeling of non-partisan cooperation and respect this would create between the two parties after this ugly-as-usual campaign.

It also puts McCain back in a key leadership role within the Republican party and neutralizes any high hopes of Palin and her ilk stealing the spotlight over the next four years.

Sure, McCain has supported much of the Bush foreign policy over the past eight years, but how much of that was him simply jockeying for position to be the Republican candidate for president? Now that the campaign's over, McCain can go back to being the well-respected moderate that he was and in the process make a real difference for the country he loves so much.

I like it. McCain for Secretary of State.
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Anonymous said...

I say make Sarah Palin a Secretary too!

Get her a typewriter and a steno pad and have her wear a short skirt with fishnet stockings. She will be unilaterally responsible for all office staff. Around 6:15 when everyone is gone she can step into the oral office and give her bra a few minutes off.

Just because she failed in her first attempt to screw Obama does not mean we should get in her way if she sees fit to give it another shot! In fact with our help she just might find success!!


Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, that's exactly what I've been thinking of, mostly because that's what happened in "The West Wing". So far every prediction of TWW came true in these elections... except this one.