Saturday, January 03, 2009

185 people found this offensive

Apparently this was the most complained about ad in 2008.

This is just a guess at how the pitch went:

"You see, there's this hot woman wandering around town with this pussy, er, beaver. And it's her beaver, get it? And they're having a great time doing all these things together like going to lunch and getting manicures. It's all about treating your beaver right, get it?"

Of course the ad doesn't show the hot chick whoring around town the night before and this whole 'day of fun with my beaver' thing is really a big 'I'm sorry about the smelly investment banker with the tiny wiener.'
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Posolxstvo the First said...

You think that's offensive? You should see the one where a guy spends the day being dragged around town and into all kinds of trouble by his pet rooster...