Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why I hate analysts

According to Forrester Research:

While Web buyers generally expect the coming 12 months to be particularly grim for the US economy overall, these same consumers view their personal financial situations more optimistically. As a result, more Web buyers report that, on average, they will spend more online in the next year. The segment of the population that is most likely to drive this increase in overall online spend is a set of consumers who saw their personal financial situations improve during the past 12 months.

Most likely? Ya think? Yeesh.
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Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy -

You have gotta LAUGH it off...otherwise you might be pushed to go postal some day.

ignore what stupids say

Anonymous said...

Studies show that dogs are not cats. And dogs that do not have computers are less likely to shop online than at the local pet store. Of all dogs surveyed few if any will be cats next year... and all dogs at some point or another have flees or chase cats. And finally, cats do not carry wallets thus resulting in an expected number of 'zero or fewer' wallets to be found in the 'cats-lost and found'.
Next weeks study - Are trees afraid of the dark?