Friday, January 23, 2009

Apples to apples

Red Delicious apples are far superior to Galas in my opinion.

The Gala is tougher and tastes more 'orchard-ish'. The Red Delicious is sweeter and softer and tastes more 'apple-y'.

Apples, Hedy? You don't post all week and then it's fucking apples? What gives?

It's all I've got. Trust me.

Next up: Emotional hamburgers. Have a great weekend.
I am listening to: Sing For You - Tracy Chapman
I am reading: Empire Falls by Richard Russo (Thanks, Dave!)
And I am: Out of my fucking tree


Dave said...

I'm not a big apple eater; but, Golden Delicious is my unrefined opinion favorite.

As to Russo, after Empire Falls go to Nobody's Fool. The movie is great and the book is better.

molly gras said...

I prefer a nice crisp Staymen (sp?) or a ridiculously sweet Pink Lady myself ... I absolutely abhor mealy-meat apples (and unfortunately, many Red Delicious I lay hands on tend to be on the mealy side)

Crisp and sweet ... that's what I want from my apple meat!


Anonymous said...

milly's comment turns me on :D