Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Speaking of fearless

We’re gliding up to the top of the hill, Jim and me.

It's a gorgeous, cold, New Year's Eve day in northern Wisconsin.

It’s my first time on a chairlift since I fell off four years ago, shredding my ACL, and launching a year-long saga of damnfuckshithell hurty bullshit capped off with cracking my knee cap in two like a cookie during physical therapy.

Good times.

But we’re back. Our skis are ‘tips up’. I’m scoot-scoot-scootching forward. My heart is beating in my ears and in my toes, but I’m ready.

“So, tell me again how did you manage to fall off this thing?” asks Jim.

“Seriously? I asked someone a really stupid, ill-timed question and they pushed me off.”
I am listening to: Katy Perry - Hot N Cold
I am reading: Neil Steinberg at the Sun-Times
And I am: Still yelling at him for that one


molly gras said...

And ... I hope it was his turn to go down!!

Hedy said...

And FYI: I fell getting off the chairlift because I was on a snowboard.

Susan's Snippets said...

and you got pushed!

could have been mushed

fermicat said...


I recommend getting baked on the chairlift. Nothing else to do on the long ride up... although it probably doesn't help your dismount.