Monday, May 07, 2007

Curious about George

What was he doing? What the HELL was he doing?

I’m talking about George Tenet.

Did you see him on Meet the Press Sunday morning? The following is from the transcripts of NBC News' Meet The Press on May 6:

MR. RUSSERT: But if your president's giving a State of the Union address, and even if you hadn't vetted it, but then it appears in his speech...

MR. TENET: Right.

MR. RUSSERT: ...why wouldn't the next day or the day after...

MR. TENET: Well...

MR. RUSSERT: say, "Please, that's not accurate, you can't say that." Why did you wait six months?

MR. TENET: Well, well, Tim, you know, no one came into me to say it. I didn't watch the speech that night. I didn't go back and read the speech carefully. My fault in not doing that, our fault for not taking it out of the speech. But our position on this was very, very clear from September and October going forward about what we thought about it. This was not--nitro and yellowcake had nothing to do with our judgment that Saddam is reconstituting nuclear weapons. Nothing to do with it.
George Tenet didn’t watch the State of the Union on January 28, 2003 -- arguably one of the most important speeches leading up to the war in Iraq.

As an American citizen, I’m obligated to watch this speech. It’s once a year, for Christ’s sake.

So what the FUCK was he doing that night?

Any ideas?
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Dave said...

I have to listen? You sure? I got a few years of remedial listening coming.

Can I just go to Bad Citizen Limbo?

Hedy De Vine said...

Hi Hedy.