Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In the spirit of Rather Than Working. . .

A special edition mid-day post in honor of a discovery that made me spit Diet Pepsi all over the Mac: HedyBlog is the #1 Google hit for "my ass is getting so big."

I am listening to: The printer printing seminar survey sheets
I am reading: Three Cups
And I am: So proud


phatdoggy said...

Sweet Mabel! There aren't too many other things in the world to be SO proud about!


-Mr. Uk

Dave said...

I resemble that. The title not the query.

msmoo1 said...

Congrats Hedy for putting the "Back" in "Baby's got Back!!" - you go Girl!!!


the clem said...

I wish it was an "image"

Hedy said...

You would get the following error for sure:

[Image to large to download]