Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So this is how it was

Get this. Within an hour of being home last night, I:
  1. Drop a packing tape dispenser on my foot. That nifty little serrated edge for cutting the tape? Lands on my big toe. It doesn’t bleed as much as you’d think, but stings like a motherfucker in the shower.

  2. Fall down the stairs. On my ass. Fortunately near the bottom, I only bounce down three steps before landing safely in the foyer.

    Jim, hearing the now familiar sound of me falling on my ass, runs over and asks: “What the hell was THAT?”

    "Ta-DA!" I say, leaping up off the floor with all the energy of a damaged 40 year old.

  3. Stub my toe (the serrated motherfucker) on the bed.
Conveniently close to the bed, I jump in, put the covers over my head, and stay there.

And laugh maniacally until I finally fall asleep.
I am listening to: Jim’s New Cruise Mix
I am reading: Three Cups (still, sorry)
And I am: Nervous


phatdoggy said...

I find that falling down the stairs once in awhile forces you to remember that one should always respect the stairway... if the fall doesn't kill you.

-Mr. Uk

you know who.... said...

You're right...
When the stapler and the stairs become unmanageable and threaten your personal's time to sell the motorcycle.

msmoo1 said...

I fell down my "stairs of death" (love ya phatdoggy!) one morning (bruised my butt) and then later that day my daughter fell down them also....I hadn't fallen down them before (nor had she) or since. Wince.


I think it's time for your vacation. The merc. retro. is attempting to tell you so.