Monday, May 21, 2007

Michael Moore: One sicko fuck

Let’s say I find out you are in serious debt because your wife has been in and out of hospitals this past year.

It’s bad. The healthcare bills are taking over everything, including your ability to keep your job.

Being of ‘generous spirit’, I send you a check for $12,000.


In this crazy age of ID theft and whathaveyou, you are somewhat suspicious of this anonymous gift. You do a little investigating to verify that, by cashing the check, you are not plunging yourself further into debt.

Good news: The check checks out. You cash it. Life is good again.

Or so you think.

Once you’ve cashed the check, I write about the whole thing in my blog, mentioning you by name.

I call and leave you a voice mail letting you know about it after the fact.
Nice, huh?

Actually, that is exactly what Michael Moore did to a man named Jim Kenefick.

Kenefick’s wife was sick and he was struggling to pay for her healthcare. Moore gave Kenefick $12k ‘anonymously’ and then used it in his new film ‘Sicko’ which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday.

He called and left a voice-mail for Kenefick letting him know what he'd done after more than 2000 people saw the movie.
I dunno.

I thought the whole idea of making an anonymous donation was to stay, um, anonymous.

You do it because you can and because it’s the right thing to do. You do it because it makes a difference.

You don’t do a generous thing and then use it to make a point or to make yourself look good, as Michael Moore does in his most recent film.
Full disclosure: Kenefick publishes a blog that is highly critical of Michael Moore. It’s called Moorewatch.

Today, it’s obvious that Moore gave that money to Kenefick with no intention of remaining anonymous and with every intention of using it in his film.

Ass-hats are calling Kenefick an ungrateful prick among other things.

They’re saying he’s ungrateful because when he found out what Moore had done, he wrote about it in his blog.

He also thanked Moore repeatedly, but the press isn’t mentioning that.
I know next to nothing about Kenefick but I do know he’s in a tough spot. The best option for him is to find some way to give the money back to Moore.

I would make a donation to help that cause.

Anonymously, of course.
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Wow! You're absolutely right.

Mateen Cleaves said...

Hey Moore...take off the MSU hat, you're embarrassing the whole school!

Anonymous said...

If $12,000 came to me anonymously I would question the motivation shortly after I cashed the check. Now that the other shoe has fallen, Kenefick should be thankful that his bills have been paid and a brighter light has been cast on the plight of the under-insured. It sounds to me like Kenefick and Moore have ended up on the same side of this issue.

the moderate said...

hey taxman...put your leather mask back on and get back in your cage!